About Us


We are Bob and Elaine George.  We purchased our first German Shepherd Dog in 1983 while stationed in Tucson, Arizona.  We have had German Shepherds since then.  

I trained Jessie in obedience and we completed the requirements for her Companion Dog award with the AKC in 1984.  I did train other dogs after her but I didn't compete in obedience again until 1998.  

It was around 1999 that we decided to get a dog to show in conformation and the search began.   That is when we found AJ, who is responsible for where we are today.  The conformation "hook was set" when AJ went Winner's Dog for one point at his first all-breed show.  

I retired from the U.S. Air Force in 2003 and we purchased a boarding kennel in Alamogordo, New Mexico, shortly afterwards.  We operated the kennel for about two years and then decided to shut it down to the public and just use it for our dogs.  It has gone from a boarding kennel to a breeding kennel and we couldn't be happier.

Since establishing this website, we have had two litters.  We are well on our way to starting our own lines.  Please check out our boys, girls, litters, etc.  Our future has many stars in it and is very bright!